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    Hi! I am a full-time hypnotist in Mississauga, Ontario Canada since 2017 and I absolutely love using my hypnosis skills to help people achieve their desires, by increasing their self-worth and self-esteem. I lacked confidence right up to early adulthood and I know how limiting it can be. A healthy amount of confidence builds a solid foundation that does not allow self-sabotaging behaviors to become habits and makes goals achievable.

    Being a hypnotist is something I feel I was born to do, and if you believe in rebirth, I have experienced ‘other’ lives in which I was a healer. In one ancient life I used crystal lasers on the brain curing mental illnesses. That is probably why the mind has always held a fascination for me, it’s where we hold our beliefs, process information, and react. If those beliefs are limiting or detrimental for you, then its my intention to help you break that pattern through hypnosis and install behaviors that gently move you towards a happier and a more fulfilling life.

    I am trained in Introspective Hypnosis, Mindscaping and Neo-Erickson Hypnosis. These therapeutic techniques taught by renowned hypnotists are equally effective in resolving all issues. With my caring and nurturing support, you will feel completely comfortable and relaxed as I expertly guide you into deeper levels of trance. All you need to do is to give yourself a chance and be open, willing to experience new possibilities, trust yourself, the process and me. Please view my testimonials. If you have a strong desire to improve your life and understand yourself better, then contact me and I will give you a free consultation.

    What Does My Symbol Mean?

    This is a symbol I unconsciously drew while doodling and listening to a podcast. Originally, I was thinking of having one drawn from a graphic designer that represented a two-way connection between the mind and heart’s thoughts and emotional feelings. It was interesting when a friend saw the small drawing and pointed it out as a perfect representation of my vision. It was only later that I realized a rose shape in the green heart. The unconscious mind knows what its doing!

    It certainly reflects my intention of helping people positively strengthen and harmonize their thoughts, beliefs and emotions, connecting their mind and heart. Here is a photograph of the healing symbol I made with tumbled  amethysts and raw emerald stones for my office.

    My Introspective Hypnosis Experience

    I have had sessions by various hypnotists to clear myself of any limiting thoughts and behaviors on the premise of the proverb “Physician”, heal thyself, so I can better serve you.  The Introspective Hypnosis session with Alba Weinman in Florida is on YouTube and it was a great experience. I had just learned the technique from her hypnosis partner Antonio Sangio before I went to see her. Watch it to get a feeling for what hypnosis is.

    Me a Gnome?

    It is not necessary to believe in past/other lives for regression hypnosis to work, as long as you have an open mind and willingness to heal. If the subconscious brings up a scene, the visuals are less important than the message, emotions and understanding of it. During my hypnosis session with Alba Weinman in Miami, I saw myself as a gnome, fearful of predator birds, lonely and burdened with responsibility. Then changed circumstances forced me to lead other gnomes on a successful journey to safety, giving me confidence, happiness and peace in that dimension.

    Now, whether that was a previous existence or my subconscious explaining through a metaphor as to where I was presently, how I was feeling and the possibility of what can happen if I step ahead with self-confidence, does not matter. I had learnt I already have what it takes to move ahead in my life, and that gave me confidence I needed.