What Is Hypnotherapy?


The ‘hypno’ part of hypnosis means sleep, although a person may appear sleeping, they are in fact in a relaxed state of focus and awareness. When a person is relaxed the brainwaves slow down from beta to alpha creating a light trance state. Day-dreaming, surfing the web, watching TV, driving, reading, doing a hobby and even habits, things you have done many times over activate an alpha brainwave state.

The deeper relaxed theta brainwaves are experienced by everyone daily just before fully waking up and just before dropping into deep sleep. That is what it feels like to be in deep hypnosis: aware and deeply relaxed, the perfect working state for therapeutic work known as clinical hypnosis. In this state a person can access foundational memories in their unconscious mind causing their issue. If the memory is traumatic or fearful, I will skillfully guide you so there will be no re-experiencing of those feelings.

Understanding the actions of those involved in the memories, forgiving, letting go and shifting perspective is the basis of my therapy work, By forgiving someone does not mean you are excusing their actions, it simply means that you will no longer give them or the event power to control your life. Whichever memories come up from your unconscious mind will be in line with your intention, your reason for the session. This could be any issue, the common ones being motivation, confidence, release stress, ability to sleep, eliminating a phobia and breaking a destructive habit.

I offer in-person and online hypnosis sessions and utilize different neuroscience backed hypnosis techniques that help and suit your needs: Introspective HypnosisNeo-Erickson Hypnosis and Mindscaping.

Click here to view a new interesting and informative article in Current Biology ( Feb. 2021) about a study into Interactive Dreaming, in which a variety of questions were asked to the participants while they were in deep REM sleep and they were able to answer them.

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