Mindscaping is a unique transformational tool, accessing a person’s subconscious mind for both personal insight and rapid change, through the metaphorical premise of mind maps to solve issues/problems. This simple, yet powerful method is evolved from aspects of Time-Line Therapy™, Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP submodality shifts, The Cube system of personality typing, and Jungian symbolism and archetype theory.

Your unconscious mind holds all the solutions to your issues. I will guide you on your journey through the map your unconscious mind chooses to give you. Different types of topography of forests, hills, buildings, people, places come to life around you, representing people and situations in your life through ​symbolism.

Journeying through the map changes your mental perspective on things you encounter, gives you insight from your higher-perspective and takes you to your desired goal. Navigated by your inner wisdom there is no right or wrong way through the map, and you cannot get lost in it; and it is completely safe. Its fun and enjoyable observing and feelings things on your map.

Although Mindscaping hypnosis is an entirely different therapeutic approach in unconscious understanding of situations and relationships, and releasing old stuck emotional feelings, it is powerful in shifting mental perspectives so you can understand your way forward.

A unique method of hypnotherapy
created by Mike Mandel

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