Below are the common issues caused by beliefs and thoughts known as psychosomatic disorders that hypnotherapy can help with.

A phobia is a fear attached to a specific thing, that can either be an inanimate object, a living thing or a certain type of environment. It often begins from a past traumatic experience in childhood and activates distress within you when you face a similar situation in the present.

Some stressed reactions are acute and can prevent you from moving ahead in life as you try to avoid those situations. To others your phobia may seem irrational and even funny, and with all good intentions they might make you face it, but only serve to make it worse.

Do you have a phobia, and does it prevent you from doing something you might be good for you that you would want to enjoy and experience? I help by removing the fear element from that thing or situation, so you can live a fuller life without worrying about experiencing the phobia.

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Weight Management
Means having weight that is right for you and allows you to be active and feel healthy. Managing your weight is also a preventive measure against future health problems. There are many reasons for being over-weight, it could run in the family, a traumatic incident, having low self-esteem or it can be a rebellious action.

Maybe that’s your body type and you were big even as a baby, a medical condition, feeling stressed out and not getting enough sleep. It can also be a combination of these things. Having a healthy weight means understanding your body type and knowing not everyone needs to have a model like figure or rippling muscles to be and feel healthy.

If your weight is causing you health problems or you want to look a certain way for your own self-esteem or desire to be fit, healthy and active, then connect with me. Let’s start the journey to discover the reason/s for your weight.

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We all had a sleepless night or two, and know the next day isn’t the best for productivity and alertness. However, many people consistently suffer night after night from sleep deprivation also known as insomnia. A person may go to sleep or fall a sleep quickly but keep waking up throughout the night,

or suddenly wake up during the night and be unable to sleep again lying awake. No sleep or inconsistent sleep is not good for the mind and body. The mind needs to rest.

There are three stages of relaxed brainwaves, the first one is light alpha beginning in the unwinding time before bed such as watching TV, reading, listening to music, or doing a relaxing hobby or yoga and getting deeper when you close your eyes. The next stage is theta and its that wonderful, delicious feeling of being very relaxed and just aware enough to know you are going to drop off into sleep at any moment. This is the same state and feeling you will get in trance during hypnosis. It is the last state of awareness before you drop into nothingness, no sound, no vision, only deep delta brainwave sleep. During sleep the brainwaves fluctuate between deep alpha, theta, and delta throughout the night as the body and brain repair and regenerate.

Not getting any or enough sleep for a long time compromises your memory function, focus, thinking capability, immune, digestion and elimination processes in the body. If there is no medical reason, and you are not one of those people who function on less sleep, then let me help you find the root cause or causes that keep you awake at night, so you can get the sleep you need and wake up feeling rested and refreshed, ready for the day.

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Habit Cessation
What creates a habit? Anything that is repeated many times over becomes a habit, and is stored in the unconscious mind as a pattern of thought and action, as a neuron circuit. With the right environment or stimulus this pattern is activated without much conscious effort.

An example is driving to work everyday, you know the route and you don’t have to keep looking at the map to see where you are going or watch out for signs, you could be deep in thought about other things such as what you’re going to do when you get there, and before you know it, you’re there.

Some limiting habits are a result of trauma like procrastination, smoking, alcohol abuse, mentally putting yourself down as in self-sabotage and waking up late. Speech impediments of stammering and stuttering can be habits too.

What limiting habit would you like to stop doing? Stopping a habit means breaking its unconscious pattern and hypnosis is a great tool for that.

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Pain Management
Pain is the body communicating consciously making you aware of an interruption, a restriction of the natural energy flow in the affected area. It may be an early warning sign of something else going on and possibly getting worse. I recommend having a medical check-up before seeking to control the pain.

If there is a medical issue behind the pain, then with your doctor’s permission I can help you control and reduce it to a manageable level. This will give your body more energy to heal itself. Managing pain with hypnosis is beneficial addition to any medical treatment you are having.

If there is no apparent physical reason for the pain, then it’s likely caused by psychosomatic issues in which case hypnosis methods may be able to take it away completely. Unfounded medical reasons of pain are caused by our thoughts, emotional feelings and beliefs. These create chemical equivalents in our bodies called neuropeptides that carry brain messages to the glands, organs and muscles telling them what they need to do (courtesy of Dr. Bruce Lipton). For example, if you hate going to work, because you don’t get along with your boss, coworkers, the work is boring or too challenging and you keep thinking and feeling that. Eventually, your mind will understand that going to work is something bad for you and may respond by giving you migraine-like headaches, pain in your body, making you feel unwell so you cannot go. I can help you uncover the unconscious reason/s for your pain and help you manage or eliminate it.

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Stress & Anxiety
Stress begins with feelings of anxiety over something whether it is work, family, relationships, social life or appearance related. We’ve all felt it. Anxiety is worry of the future, about an event that hasn’t happened yet. A future scene with an unhappy outcome keeps playing in your mind

causing the release of stress chemicals in your mind and body. Repetitive thoughts like this filter down into your unconscious mind where they are stored as a habit, and they will keep your mind and body stressed. Muscle aches, headaches and pains in an otherwise healthy body are the result of this tension.

Research reveals stress, that ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response is useful to us in small amounts, in fact it’s a primitive reaction to keep us from danger. However, being in a heightened state of awareness for long periods of time is detrimental to your health.

Are you constantly anxious and feeling stressed? What’s causing you to worry about something that has not even happened yet and may not even happen? I can help you release the stress and feel much more relaxed.

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Smoking Cessation
Do you remember when and why you first began to smoke? What was happening in your life at that time? Was there some kind of upheaval or peer pressure? Maybe you wanted to look cool and sophisticated or you wanted to copy someone you respected? How were you feeling then?

There are always reasons why people start smoking but the important question is why do you want to quit now? What motivates you to stop smoking forever?

I don’t need to tell you about the effects of smoking on your health or your loved ones, or how much money you are spending on it as you know that already. What I want to convey to you is that you must have a really strong desire to stop smoking, not your spouse, partner, family, friends, work colleagues but you. If you are self-motivated because you want the best health for you and your loved ones, life longevity, social acceptance and monetary benefit of smoking cessation, then please call me. You are ready!

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Procrastinating on deciding to do something, is a habit of blocking oneself, a safety mechanism based on the fear of failing, feeling unworthy, unsure of a direction, scared of the outcome of perhaps more responsibility, judgement and criticism. It’s like a phobia rooted in memories of the powerful unconscious mind.

When a procrastinator finally decides to go ahead, the opportunity has often passed, or they will keep wondering if they made the right decision never feeling fully satisfied. It’s the case of the glass always being half empty.

If the decision taken was not successful then all the feelings they had before become amplified. There is no one harder on themselves like a procrastinator.  Trying to override your unconscious beliefs with your conscious willpower is  fighting with yourself, like moving against an immensely powerful current, taking a few steps forward and then being pushed back sometimes even further than from where you began.

If your mind keeps you in the ‘what ifs’ mode keeping you feeling stuck, I am here to help you successfully move forward and improve your life. There is nothing to fear; this life is to be explored and enjoyed.

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Anger Management
If things bother you so much that you get angry quickly and often, then you need help. This type of anger is internal rage over something in the past, a situation in which you felt helpless. It is destructive to your mental and physical health and similarly affects those around you. It can make you lonely costing you your job,

friends, marriage, and family. An even darker aspect is turning to alcohol and drugs to dull the emotional pain that you feel.

Anger is a stressful form of excitement that has many emotional triggers based on past events. If your anger is stopping you for having a loving and fulfilling life, then now is the time to take action and call me. Be free your past from controlling your present happiness.

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Relationships with people are the fabric of a fruitful and joyful life, whether in a family, marital, social or in a work environment. Miscommunication and conflict make us feel anxious, stressed sometimes even fearful imagining all kinds of scenarios. It’s our natural instinct to bond with others and feel secure of our place in society.

Initially, there’s always the blame game, where it’s the other person’s fault for making you feel insecure, not good enough or their interactions triggers a behavior pattern in you that’s detrimental to the relationship. These emotional triggers most often rooted in childhood, uncover sensitivity and vulnerability in the hurt party. Reflexive feelings can be fear, anxiety, stress, jealousy, frustration, tiredness, that turn into behaviors based on anger and rage.

We cannot change another person through constant criticizing, arguments, threats, crying and hurting oneself. The change must be made by both parties in the conflict by dealing with trauma from their childhood. Viewed through an adult’s perspective it could be a little thing now and even rationalized away, but intense, scary, or hurtful for the child that was you and is still carrying those feelings.

As a hypnotist, through my suggestions I work like a detective and find those memory or memories in which you felt helpless in a past situation, dissolve their influence on you and install confidence, strength, and self-worth within you.

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